Problem answer for strata law

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Getting Legal Advice on Stratas

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Resolving Disputes within the Strata

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Resolving Disputes within the Strata While disputes may arise, many disputes can be resolved informally within the strata corporation. It is often simpler and less expensive to solve disputes informally. The strata title has been issued hence the developer had not allowed (consented) on direct transfer to my buyer.

I am currently the fourth owner of the unit. The first and second owner been forced to auction the unit due to default in loans respectively and the third owner won the auction from the bank.

7 common strata problems & how to solve them

Owners and residents in strata properties must the follow the Strata Property Act and regulations as well as the strata's bylaws and decisions also shape how strata law is understood and applied.

"While I can't answer all the questions that come across my desk I have listed a few of the more commonly asked ones concerning the main Strata Management issues. Resolving Disputes within the Strata While disputes may arise, many disputes can be resolved informally within the strata corporation.

It is often simpler and less expensive to solve disputes informally. What are the NSW strata parking laws? Due to the positioning of the garage, my tenants are unable to maneuver their car in or out of their garage when there is a car double parked.

This has been an ongoing problem for years.

Problem answer for strata law
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