Phone number for bt faults business plan

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BT Customer Service Contact Number

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Report your current BT faults and track any existing problems with your BT Products here. BT Business phone lines are ideal for any business, with a Featureline for those who need more advanced features.

You can report and track faults easily online 24/7/ or over the phone. Plus you can add Caller Display for free – and see the phone number of who’s calling you (providing you have a suitable phone). BT Featureline.

Not a problem! All you need to keep your number is a PAC code from your old mobile provider. A PAC code is 9-character code like 'ABC', that allows us to transfer your number from your old provider to BT. Help with BT Business services including broadband, phone lines, systems, mobile, hosting, email, and billing.

Contact BT Business What would you like to contact us about? Expand all. Buy something. New product, service, or upgrade Fix faults: Switch your device off and on again - it fixes most problems. Please make sure you have your account number or BT One Phone number with you when you contact us.

What to do if you were unable to report your fault online

Thank you for choosing BT. This offer is available exclusively to customers who have placed an online order via one of our selected partners.

Phone number for bt faults business plan
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