Looking for alibrandi influence of family

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Marchetta, M. - Looking for Alibrandi: Growing up in

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Looking for Alibrandi: Influence of Family

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Looking for Alibrandi Essay - Part 2

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In the text ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ by Melina Marchetta, Josephine Alibrandi is seeking to be free from the world and its misunderstood societal regulations throughout her twelfth year of high school – the year of change and new ways of thinking.

Looking for Alibrandi Lessons Lesson One Differentiated Unit: Different Contexts/Different Perspectives Analyse one important female character and communicate how they influence Josephine or the outcome of this novel.

Task 4: Write a poem about family (or another theme) that reflects the theme of family that is portrayed in the novel. The movie 'Looking for Alibrandi' exhibits issues that relate directly to teenage life for many Australians today.

Topics such as race, status and sex have a large impact on the main character Josephine Alibrandi. Looking for Alibrandi is an amazing, dramatic book that explores the difficulties Josie faces with trying to find her place in society, when living under the influence of two completely different cultures.

The novel Looking for Alibrandi reveals her concern and is about Josephine Alibrandi’s way to freedom through the interaction of her family, friends and other significant people.

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Looking for Alibrandi Essay

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Looking for alibrandi influence of family
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