Italian stereotypes

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Italian americans

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Atlas of Prejudice

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Mexicans are lazy. Since most Mexican stereotypes originate in the United States, let me dissect this stereotype in two halves, keeping in mind that I have no first hand experience in this area and I am just relaying the general beliefs based on my research.

Every place in the U.S.A. has its quirks. Read on to learn about the most common state stereotypes for each of the 50 nifty states.

Italian Stereotypes

Moored by Alpine mountains in the north, the boot-shaped Italian peninsula juts into the central Mediterranean Sea. Along its European frontier, Italy shares. Did you know Europeans ate Egyptian mummies during the Renaissance? Now you do. Imagine all the other crazy things you’ll discover reading this book!

Top ten: Most common Italian stereotypes

 Every culture is associated to stereotypes often hard to dispel, and the Italian's is no different. While we often hear about them, it's important to remember that we can't generalize, and think that the whole of a country acts the same way.

People abroad often seem to think of Italians along certain lines, and expect stereotypical behaviors to be.

Croatian stereotypes

Italian stereotypes Photograph: Forges People say we are chatterboxes. They are right. Plus, I'd add, bad listeners interested only in the sound of our own voices.

Italian stereotypes
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