Implications for planning an od intervention

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Core Intervention Components: Identifying and Operationalizing What Makes Programs Work

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Eight Steps for Organizational Development Interventions

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In this course we discuss how Organization Development (OD) interventions support organizational change by utilizing the people resource within the organization. We start with a brief overview of how OD intervention methods should be designed to enable people to speak up.

implications for OD practitioners and researchers to jointly adopt, review, and build on the proposed revised general model of OD. KEYWORDS: Organization Development, Organizational Learning, Learning Organization. component of the OD cycle OD interventions?

The OD practitioner (consultant) adds value in many ways. 4 sets Factors to consider: Planning and Implementing an OD intervention Ensure that goals are absolutely clear to all, as are the strategies for goal-attainment. In contrast to previously published implementation frameworks, REP provides a roadmap for implementing evidence-based interventions into community-based settings through a combination of intervention "packaging," training, technical assistance, and other strategies to maximize the chances for sustaining the interventions.

A REVIEW: THE STRUCTURAL INTERVENTION AND OD’S FUTURE Gurveen Sandhu, Gurpreet Singh Mann, Rajdeep kaur Virk (Lecturer, Dept. of Information Technology) structural change, and career-planning. One convenient method of classifying OD interventions. Organizational Development (OD) is a planned, systematic, top-down approach at the organization level that can apply any of several change techniques.

Implications for planning an od intervention
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