Child care subsidy for single parents

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Paying for child care on a single income

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Child Care

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How do I tactic if I qualify for extra care assistance. Government qualities say almostfamilies will be shared off. It also gives parents the support and peace of book they need to write and earn a living. The Child Care Works program requires all providers paid for their child care services by the ELRC to complete a Provider Agreement and to pass a CareCheck background clearance.

What is CareCheck? CareCheck is a required background clearance for Relative/Neighbor Providers caring for children whose parents participate in the subsidized child. Child Care Subsidy Calculator. Step 1. This three step process will help determine whether you qualify for child care financial assistance.

Please complete step one below. Count of parents and children in the household. Family Monthly Income: Combined income (before taxes and deductions) for all adults (18 or older) in the household. The Child Care Subsidy Program helps pay for child care costs.

It helps many types of families. These include the following: A relative provider must be at least 18 years of age and not be living with the child.

Grand-parents, great-grandparents, siblings or an aunt/uncle of the child. A child care allowance is available in B.C. to help low-income parents and guardians with the cost of full or half-day child care. The cost of child care is a major expense for families and the WPA program provides subsidies to help eligible single and two-parent families pay for licensed child care.

The Child Care Services Subsidy Program helps eligible parents or guardians pay for child care in a licensed child care centre or a regulated family child care home. Some or all of the cost may be covered depending on family income.

Child care subsidy for single parents
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