A discussion on social class as a variable for segmenting consumer markets

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Market segmentation

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Market segmentation

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On December 13,the Canadian Securities Administrators (the CSA or we) published CSA Discussion Paper and Request for Comment -- Mutual Fund Fees (the Original Consultation Paper).

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The Role of Social Class in Segmenting Markets

Social class is a relatively stable division into groups based on such factors as education, income, and occupation. Reference groups provide norms and values which become the perspectives that influence a consumerÕs behavior.

This article in CiteMan talks about social class is closely associated with people’s buying behaviors. According to the author, social class segmentation involves two basic issues. The fundamental one is which approach better explains consumer behavior by using social class and income in segmenting markets.

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Automobile companies may segment markets based on income, age, social class, and gender. Segmenting Consumer Markets by Ethnicity, Age, How Markets Are Segmented by University of Minnesota is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International License.

A discussion on social class as a variable for segmenting consumer markets
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